Tranfer NFT on OpenLive NFT Marketplace

18 February 2023

NFTs is a very popular keyword with investors as blockchain develops very strongly. However, not everyone knows the steps to quickly transfer NFTs to the wallet.

On OpenLive NFT Marketplace, you not only create NFTs and store them in your wallet, but you can also transfer or give them away to others.

Guideline for transfering NFTs on OpenLive NFT Marketplace

The transaction is successful when the sender and receiver both have wallets that are directly connected to the OpenLive NFT Marketplace.

Step 1: Log in and connect your wallet

Login to your account on OpenLive NFT Marketplace and connect Metamask wallet

Watch video: How to connect the wallet ? 

Step 2: Select the NFT to transfer

Select "Transfer NFT" from the ellipsis icon on the right.

If you "put on sale" the NFT or "join the NFT contest", you need to "remove from sale" or "remove from the NFT contest" before transferring.

NFTs that can be in a collection or not

NFT can be single or multiple.

Tranfer NFT

Step 3: Enter the receiving wallet address

Enter or copy the exact NFT receiving wallet address. Double check then click “Next”

Tranfer NFT


When transferring NFT from Marketplace to an unconnected Metamask wallet, an error message will appear (this address does not exist).

Tranfer NFT

Step 4: Confirm the transaction

After confirming the NFT info and wallet address, click "Transfer" to proceed.

Tranfer NFT

Step 5: Check the gas fees

To make a transaction, it is necessary to ensure that the connected Metamask wallet has enough gas fees (BNB). Then click "Confirm"

Tranfer NFT

The result shows that you are completed

Tranfer NFT


After successfully transferring the NFT, it will no longer appear in the "Owned" section. But if you are the creator, the NFT will still be displayed in the "Created" section on OpenLive NFT Marketplace.

Tranfer NFT Tranfer NFT

The "Transfer" item on OpenLive NFT Marketplace is no longer available for the transferred NFT.

Tranfer NFT  

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