The first NFT book in Vietnam has released 

14 January 2023

The "202X Dictionary" will be Vietnam's first book to be released in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

"202X Dictionary",written by many Gen Z authors, forms a knowledge base for the young to grasp the future world.

"202X Dictionaries" in the form of NFTs will prevent people from buying fake books. Owners will also earn royalties every time they resell. This is believed to be a publishing revolution, a new way for us to enter the world of Blockchain and Metaverse.

202X Dictionary is a book project by VinMagazine, which summarizes and systematically organizes ideas, phenomena, and inventions that are currently influential or have high potential to become influential in the next 10 years and beyond. With 40 articles in 5 areas: Science and Technology, Education and Health, Art and History, Media and Culture, and Business; the book aims to serve as the "bridge" between eras, connecting and bridging the gap between generations.

These topics were chosen based on the author team's expertise, timeliness, and materiality. Each topic is packed with information, data, humor, and the signature language of the Gen Z world, summed up in a neat, easy-to-carry volume. In addition, vivid illustrations and colors will also be the highlights of the book.

202X Dictionary

Gen Z is a generation that thinks boldly, dares to create miracles. Born in the era of rapidly developing 4.0 technology, the GenZ generation is leading the consumption trend and is also the golden generation of workers preparing to "dominate" the whole world. However, approaching and catching up with the ideas of the times, which is a difficult thing, is now even more difficult when technology develops rapidly day by day.

Gen Z itself sometimes needs to be answered about everything around them in the easiest, fastest, and most effective way possible. "202X Dictionary" was born in such a situation, transforming important, complex things into simple information, then combining them into a general view to visualize a world full of future color.

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