The first piece of the “Brand Launchpad” event Promising to bring an explosion to the technology world OLabs is a consulting firm developing and deploying application ecosystems and digital transformation platforms using innovative core technologies such as: Blockchain. AI, etc. 👉 Let’s watch the teaser about OLabs: https://youtu.be/UH3pwE83Yqc ———————————— JOIN “BRAND LAUNCHPAD” EVENT TOTAL PRIZES UP […]

13 May 2023 4 min read

Openlive NFT Is Sponsoring For Huflit University “Fintech – Blockchain 2023” Contest

On 07 Mar 2023, Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Informatics (HUFLIT) held the seminar “Overview of Fintech – Blockchain and What Opportunities for Students” in support of the “Fintech – Blockchain 2023” contest. Students from several faculties of economics, as well as from the departments of the Faculty of Information Technology […]

07 April 2023 4 min read

90% of businesses adopting Blockchain technology

A new survey from CasperLabs found that despite education gaps, enterprise adoption of blockchain technology in the U.S., U.K. and China is set to increase in the next year. The crypto and blockchain space has had a turbulent past year, but that is not stopping users and enterprises from looking into the industry. A new […]

21 February 2023 4 min read

Porsche has entered Web3 with its first NFT collection

One of the most well-known and prestigious car brands has joined the Web3 bandwagon— Porsche! Here’s what you need to know about the Porsche NFT mint and what the future holds for this luxury NFT collection. We’ll also get into the nitty gritty such as roadmap, utility, floor price and more! What Is Porsche NFT? […]

01 February 2023 4 min read

The first NFT book in Vietnam has released 

The “202X Dictionary” will be Vietnam’s first book to be released in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). “202X Dictionary”,written by many Gen Z authors, forms a knowledge base for the young to grasp the future world. “202X Dictionaries” in the form of NFTs will prevent people from buying fake books. Owners will also earn […]

14 January 2023 4 min read

AFF CUP 2022 has launched the first NFT collection for football fans

According to the success of the NFT World Cup 2022 Collection, the Southeast Asian Football Federation launched the NFT collection for the AFF Cup 2022 tournament named “ONESIDE”, recreating historical moments of the players. Be Media, a division of a blockchain gaming company, has partnered with leading global sports marketing company SPORTFIVE to present ONSIDE. […]

14 January 2023 4 min read

Big Tech Companies Contributing to the Development of the Metaverse and NFTs

NFTs is the key to unlocking the doors of Metaverse, enabling identity, community, and social experiences within the Metaverse. Metaverse and NFTs have created a new way of interacting with consumers, convincing many technology giants to enter this field, including Samsung and LG. Samsung joins the Metaverse and opens its first Decentraland store Samsung Electronics […]

14 January 2023 4 min read

Key indicators investors can use to evaluate NFT projects

NFTs are the hottest keyword right now in the crypto market. NFTs have attracted millions of users, including those in Vietnam. Not only that, NFTs are also a great investment opportunity for owners; many NFTs have been traded on the market for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars. Therefore, understanding the […]

14 January 2023 4 min read

Tranfer NFT on OpenLive NFT Marketplace

NFTs is a very popular keyword with investors as blockchain develops very strongly. However, not everyone knows the steps to quickly transfer NFTs to the wallet. On OpenLive NFT Marketplace, you not only create NFTs and store them in your wallet, but you can also transfer or give them away to others. Guideline for transfering […]

18 February 2023 4 min read

Register an account and Create NFT on OpenLive NFT Marketplace platform

NFT stands for Non-fungible token which means non-fungible asset. Each NFT has its own identifier that represents its uniqueness and identity. NFT is constantly growing and there are many platforms that allow you to create and sell NFTs. However, we should look up reputable and transparent platforms. OpenLive NFT Marketplace is built as a decentralized […]

10 January 2023 4 min read

Buy and sell NFT on OpenLive NFT Marketplace

NFT (Non-fungible token) has recently become a hot technology keyword, and a lot of people are interested in how to make money from buying and selling these NFTs. OpenLive NFT Marketplace – pioneering platform in the Vietnam and Asia NFT markets with NFT exchange, where users can buy, sell, exchange NFT digital assets and earn […]

10 January 2023 4 min read