Release OpenLive NFT Digital Certificate for Business

07 January 2023
The OpenLive NFT platform announced the launch of OpenLive NFT Certificate for enterprises on September 30, 2022.

Exclusive OpenLive NFT Card for business

In addition to the benefits from collecting, investing and exchanging, NFT also acts as a lever to help businesses develop widely in the international market thanks to the strong community cohesion.

Seeing these potentials, OpenLive NFT, the pioneering platform with an NFT Marketplace in Vietnam and Asia and positioned as Asia's leading NFT publisher, has just launched a collection of NFT digital certificates with the following features: outstanding privileges that any business must grasp. Owning an NFT digital certificate is a special opportunity to become a shareholder of the OpenLive NFT platform and everything happens more transparently and accurately when applying blockchain technology instead of a traditional contract.

More specifically, the NFT digital certificate is considered a great opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to cooperate with OpenLive, contributing to the promotion of the development of national enterprises to reach the world in the national digital transformation.