Pay It Forward Program – Course 02 | Subject: Prosperity Wave

07 April 2023

“OpenLive NFT platform aims at becoming a pioneering digital technology platform in the Vietnamese market that provides immense value to the community and society. By providing technology solutions that help businesses recover and develop post-COVID-19 pandemic, it contributes significantly to the development of the country's economy.” (Ms. Maria Phan - Founder)

These statements have become guideline for the OpenLive team in creating a strong development of the OpenLive NFT Platform Wave during the past 02 years. While the Platform Wave is currently solid, the OPV Token Wave has not achieved commensurate development. 

Hence, the theme "Waves of Prosperity" was initiated in the series of “Pay It Forward” training programs to focus 100% synergy to support the OPV Wave rising high, balancing with the Platform Wave.

This program aims to update all Shareholders, Partners, Investors, and Company personnel with information about 

  • Platform Wave

  • Thought Wave

  • Token OPV Wave

During this camp, you will receive official and special information from Founder Maria Phan to welcome the Prosperity Wave with the OpenLive NFT platform.

The program details are as follows:

  • Date: 02 - 04 May 2023

  • Location: Please gather at the OpenLive Headquarters at 13:30 on 02 May 2023 to travel to the training site via shuttle buses.

  • Register by form:

  • Fee: 6,000,000 VND

  • Pay the attendance fee to the company treasurer account:

    • Account Name: PHAN THI KIM THANH
    • Account Number: 559999885588
    • ACB bank
    • Content: Full name + registration for Camp 02

>>Benefits of registering for the Camp include<<

  • E-Membership (using NFT technology), which includes courses and training programs directly from Dr. Nguyen Ha Bang, with a total value of 21,000,000 VND. This offer is only available for the first 200 registrants. The breakdown of the course values is as follows:




12 steps of goal setting


Dare to think big


Leadership portrait


16.5 hours of Prosperity Numerology implementation for business breakthrough


01 report on Prosperity Numerology


>>Special registration bonuses<<

>>>Register before 23:59 on 10 Apr 2023: 

  • Airdrop OPV with a 100% bonus level

>>>Register from 00:00 on 11 Apr 2023 to 23:59 on 15 Apr 2023: 

  • Airdrop OPV with a 50% bonus level

>>>Register from 16 Apr 2023 onward: 

  • Airdrop OPV with a 0% bonus level

Please note that Airdrop is a preferential reward extracted from the reward pool sponsored by the OpenLive NFT platform and exclusively for early registration participants.