OPoint Bonus Program Update

08 March 2023
When creating an account and trading at https://nft.openlive.finance, users will receive a number of rewards in OPoint according to the following policy:

1. Account registration and KYC

  • Each new user receives 5 OPoints after signing up and verifying their email address.
  • Another 50 OPoints will be awarded to the user upon completing the KYC process.

2. Referring new users

  • When users successfully verify their identities, they will receive a referral code they can pass on to their family and friends.
  • If a friend successfully joins through the referral code, and the new registration completes the identity verification, the referrer will receive 50 OPoints.
  • Referrers will receive 50 OPoints for every successful purchase of 1 NFT made by the new users.

What is OPoint?

When you join https://nft.openlive.finance's MMO program, you earn OPoints as a reward. The exchange rate between OPoints and OPVs is 0.05 OPoints = 0.05 OPV.


  • Before referring new users, users need to complete KYC.
  • As OPV volatility changes weekly, the conversion rate will change accordingly.

For more information, please contact OpenLive NFT Support