OpenLive NFT Conquers The Roof Of The World: Everest

07 January 2023
At about 5:30 am (Nepal time) on May 13, 2022, Phan Thanh Nhien - the youngest Vietnamese climber ever to conquer Everest raised the OpenLive NFT flag and the sacred flag of Vietnam on the "roof of the world”, marking an important milestone for the OpenLive NFT Marketplace.

OpenLive NFT Marketplace – positioning its brand on the roof of the world – EVEREST

OpenLive NFT is a decentralized trading platform founded by a young Vietnamese team. With the desire to bring Vietnamese culture to the world, OpenLive NFT connects with a series of strategic partners around the world, increasingly asserting its position in the fierce Crypto market. The past May 13, 2022 was a proud moment for both the Vietnamese people and OpenLive NFT when young climber Phan Thanh Nhien conquered the world's highest mountain for the second time. Phan Thanh Nhien represents the Vietnamese people with extraordinary strength and will, overcoming the bone-chilling cold and harsh weather in the mountains at the border of Nepal and Tibet to reach the top of Everest, making the whole world amazed.