OpenLive Has Released The New NFT Marketplace In Viet Nam

07 January 2023
OpenLive's NFT Marketplace platform will put artwork on NFT, in order to protect and enhance the cultural and creative values ​​of Vietnamese people. The launching ceremony of the NFT Marketplace platform in Ho Chi Minh City on April 25 was attended by many famous artists, international partners, domestic and foreign investors. The focus of the event was to introduce the project of preserving and enhancing Vietnamese cultural values ​​on the NFT Marketplace platform to the world.

Openlive's launch of the NFT Marketplace platform can be considered a "pioneer" for the vibrant NFT market of Southeast Asia and Asia.

Openlive NFT is a place to preserve Vietnamese cultural heritage. Blockchain digital technology helps to identify works of art as unique digital assets that belong to only one owner on the internet platform. Since then, digital works will be kept and preserved forever, becoming a bridge to introduce Vietnamese cultural identity to the world.

Creative Director of Openlive NFT - Composer, music producer Nguyen Hoang Duy

Representative of Openlive NFT, Creative Director, musician, music producer Nguyen Hoang Duy expressed his excitement when the art industry has come closer to 5.0 technology and affirmed that the appearance of OpenLive NFT will raise the artistic and creative products of individuals and organizations around the world. Currently, OpenLive NFT has signed cooperation agreements with 30 domestic and foreign partners, aiming to make the project the only and largest NFT trading platform in Asia.