NFT Branding Program Announcement

16 March 2023

Based on Decision 749/QD-TTg 06/2020 approved by the Prime Minister on the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, orientation to 2030", OpenLive Investment and Development Joint Stock Company implements the NFT Branding program to help businesses transform their brands and traditional assets into digital assets, enhance the brand positions.

Accordingly, the program will help brands:

  • Protect brand and product copyrights through Blockchain technology, which provides absolute security and transparency. Ownership verification, anti-counterfeiting, and transactions on the digital platform are saved and cannot be edited. As a result, OpenLive NFT Branding will help businesses position their brands on digital platforms and in the subconscious minds of consumers.
  • Increase revenue by accessing the network of businesses participating in and developing the OpenLive NFT ecosystem. With the cross-value created between the businesses' customer communities, your business will expand its customer base multiple times.

At first, OpenLive will create NFT for the brand and product that you are selling. More specifically, it can be a brand logo, promotional images, videos, discount vouchers, membership cards, etc. Then, the system will automatically mint NFT on the blockchain platform. These NFTs will be officially released on the OpenLive NFT Marketplace.

In particular, to create images and videos to enhance the brand and create unique NFTs, OpenLive will accompany OMedia, which owns the exclusive 360 Image technology powered by Xangle, a big technology brand from Canada. This is the only Studio in Vietnam ranked among the Top 5 in the world by scale and quality. While 360 Image technology is combined with blockchain technology, OpenLive believes that your business will develop both brand value and product value.

OpenLive NFT Branding - The way your brand is identified, protected, and upgraded in value.

To join OpenLive NFT Branding, please contact via email: [email protected]