AFF CUP 2022 has launched the first NFT collection for football fans

14 January 2023

According to the success of the NFT World Cup 2022 Collection, the Southeast Asian Football Federation launched the NFT collection for the AFF Cup 2022 tournament named "ONESIDE", recreating historical moments of the players.

Be Media, a division of a blockchain gaming company, has partnered with leading global sports marketing company SPORTFIVE to present ONSIDE.

AFF 2022 NFT

What is Alpha Mask ?

ONSIDE is the official NFT collection for the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022. The collection recreates memorable match moments, highlights, and experiences from the biggest tournament. Fans can show their loyalty to their team by purchasing and collecting the Alpha Mask for $2.99. Alpha team masks are inspired by the animal kingdoms of competing teams, which capture the nature of each country.

What benefits can Vietnamese football fans get from Alpha Mask ?

The owners of the NFT Alpha Mask have the chance to receive rewards and hands-on experience, include:

  • Get tickets to the match (including the final).
  • Attend the event after the game.
  • Enter the technical area at halftime.
  • Participate in player training days.
  • Receive merchandise such as shirts, hats, balls, etc. signed by players.

The Alpha Mask of the Vietnamese team is designed with the face of "Dragon": a symbol of Vietnamese folklore and mythology that represents the prosperity and strength of the nation.

(Source: Onside Collection)

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